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Situated in the outskirts of Bengaluru this colossal complex stretches out on a lush green terrain. A radial assortment of the built over the landscape depicts a strong pretension of the complex to expand, a tranquil water body at this focal point inundates harmony to its atmosphere along with a strategy for evaporative cooling. ​ ​ Designed to be a luxury resort project, it includes well thought out amenities like a sprawling pool complex, fine dining plus casual dining options, a fitness center, indoor and outdoor activity areas and so on…​ ​ With a planned road system connecting vast extremes of the site and well accessed provision for parking, the design also yearns to sustain the natural greenery pertaining in the landscape. A sustainable approach led to the manifestation of this expansive complex.​

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Interskapez is a registered multi disciplinary architecture firm established in 2014 since then, we are dedicated to providing innovative and technical service par excellence in cost effective and sustainable designs. Our designs are firmly rooted in a board understanding of site and practicalities, which are developed in conjunction with the client to create space with a positive impact. Interskapez is a complete turn-key solution provider.

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