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When it comes to huge plots of land with a proposal 200 villas, landscape plays a major role as a visual as well as physical connect and also behaves as a natural amenity for the residents in that that plot of land.​ ​ Keeping every nook and corner interesting and including elements that are required functionally and aesthetically we came up with a landscape proposal for Villa Enclave.​ ​ Merging the built to the unbuilt was donethrough the soft scapes. We followed three layers of plantation: ground covers, shrubs and trees which helps in maintaining the biodiversity of the entire site. ​ ​ Though there are defined landscape and habitable spaces, visually all the spaces flow and complement each other.​

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Interskapez is a registered multi disciplinary architecture firm established in 2014 since then, we are dedicated to providing innovative and technical service par excellence in cost effective and sustainable designs. Our designs are firmly rooted in a board understanding of site and practicalities, which are developed in conjunction with the client to create space with a positive impact. Interskapez is a complete turn-key solution provider.

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