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Scissors ‘n’ Razors is an attempt to look beyond the obvious frills that come along with saloons today. We started from the focal word ‘Pamper’ which would be the primary function of the saloon. We have followed a contemporary style throughout with the space being warm lit to create a cozy atmosphere. The floor plan has a clear definition for the flow of spaces depending upon the services offered in the saloon. Coming to the point of view of the staff, the storage and advertising spaces are specifically placed based on requirements.

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Interskapez is a registered multi disciplinary architecture firm established in 2014 since then, we are dedicated to providing innovative and technical service par excellence in cost effective and sustainable designs. Our designs are firmly rooted in a board understanding of site and practicalities, which are developed in conjunction with the client to create space with a positive impact. Interskapez is a complete turn-key solution provider.

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No. 99, 10th cross, Malleshwaram West, Margosa road, near Kalyan jewellers, Bengaluru- 560003 Phone:9886721034 Careers: Design:
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